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Get An Independent Opinion, Compare The Market And Get The Best Deal For You, Not For The Banks!

The numbers are important with home loans – but there’s no need to be treated like one.

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Need A Home Loan? Let Us Do The Shopping Around For You:

At Loan Society we believe in:

  • Personalised financial structuring in plain English
  • Experienced home loan pro’s who have been on the ‘other’ side
  • Loans for first-time buyers or existing owners
  • No loan – no fees
  • No more being passed from one assistant to another
  • No more feeling let down by providers
  • No more giving up on ever getting a home loan

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There must be a better deal out there – right?

Most Australians will never make a more important financial decision than which home loan they opt for.

It seems that everywhere you turn there is another story in the press about how the ‘Big Four’ lenders are working against you.

So how come they have cornered 90% of the Australian home loan market?

You’re right if you’re thinking that there MUST be a better option…

Who are we?

With banks it really is a numbers game. We know because we used to work there.

At Loan Society we work FOR you, not for the bank! We are independent which means you get the BEST deal every time!

All of our customers receive a personal financial structuring service – without financial advisors’ fees.

We go to great lengths to fully understand what you need before recommending any products or services.

Using our 25 years plus experience in the finance industry we shape home loan solutions exactly to your requirements.

And while ‘one-stop shop’ is an over-used term, we are as close as you will find in this industry.

Who is it for?

Looking for a first home and need a loan

Disappointed with your existing loan

Confused by your options

Upset with the service you are receiving

Unhappy at being treated like a number

Looking for a more personalised solution than most lenders offer

Looking for independent advice, without ‘big bank bias’

What happens next?

Getting started couldn’t be easier:

1. Fill out the form on the right

2. We contact you to learn more about you want

3. We crunch the numbers,punch the paperwork and negotiate for you

4. We come back with the best loan options for you

Take the first step to a Home Loan Service build around you…

Why us?

  • We are 100% independent so you won’t get Big Bank Bias’, you’ll get what YOU need
  • You get a personal finance professional working FOR and WITH you
  • You get no financial mumbo-jumbo – just plain English
  • You can rely on experienced, accredited professionals who understand the market
  • You get a tailored financial solution that matches your needs
  • You get access to the most competitive rates in the industry
  • You are always presented with other alternatives to suit you
  • You are never charged any advisor fees

What our customers are saying…

They listened to what we needed and came back quickly with three loan offers that were all worth considering. We ended up choosing one of them and haven’t looked back since.

Think of us as your trusted advisor…


We are something a little different and want to change the home loan services industry for the better…


Over 25 years experience in financial services means we know where to look to find what you want*…


With a deal as important as a home loan, it’s important you get a personalised service that suits your needs precisely…

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer more competitive rates than the banks? 

The ‘Big Four’ banks dominate the market due to the mistaken belief that they are more dependable and trustworthy. In actual fact, customers’ trust is often abused by needless rate hikes and high margins –there are many better offers from reputable lending organisations outside the ‘Big Four.’

Will I have a dedicated contact for my loan? 
I’ve got a bad credit rating – can I still get a loan with you?
What happens if I sign up for a loan with you?

Take the first step to a Home Loan Service build around you…

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